Monday, March 4, 2019

Seven Signs It’s Time For A Rebrand

When was the last time you really looked at your brand? What about your logo and brand colors? Could you name the colors from your primary and secondary brand palettes?

Your brand has a huge impact on the perception customers have of your business. Your brand is not just the design of your logo or the colors and fonts associated with your brand's name, it's also about your message, your voice, and how your company acts. 

Most importantly, though, your brand effects your customer's perception of your company's values and it will affect how customers interact with you.

Here are the seven signs that its' time for a rebrand:

1. Your leads are less qualified.
This may be a sign that things need to change. If your target audience isn't engaging with your brand, it's because your brand isn't appealing to them.

2. Your traffic is dwindling. 
Nye & Associates looks at traffic stats month over month, quarter over quarter and year over year in order to capture trends and find patterns. If your traffic numbers are dwindling, this could be a sign that people are becoming less engaged with your brand. 

3. Your value proposition has changed.

Not every business stays on the same path from inception to present day. You may have changed directions or chosen a different path altogether. If so, does your website, brand and messaging reflect this?

4. You've updated or changed your products or services.

If you've completely changed the types of products or services you provide, you'll need to change your branding to reflect that. 

5. Your look is outdated.

Sometimes, your aesthetic may just be outdated. We've had several clients who realized they needed to modernize their brand after they'd begun to miss out on business opportunities they should have been qualified to get. 

6. Your message isn't well defined.

When a prospect or customer sees your logo or name, what you do should come to their minds right away. If it doesn't, if probably means your message isn't clear. This can cause confusion and hurt your ability to improve your brand awareness.

7. You will be undertaking a merger or acquisition.

If your company is merging with another business or buying another business, you may need to change your branding to incorporate whatever it is that they are bringing to the table. These changes are often one of the best times to recast your branding and bring a new sense of excitement to your employees and customers. 

A lot of effort is put into re-branding: Messaging, value propositions, style guides, logo design, color palettes, patterns, website, and social overhauls. It may seem overwhelming, but it may be worth it. Especially if your current brand is lagging in recognition and the ability to build awareness or trust. 

Not sure if your brand needs a refresh or not? Reach out to us and we can take a look! Call us at 316-263-5878 or email