Thursday, March 14, 2013

Q&A with Ruth Johnson, Nye & Associates CEO and Media Planning Maven

When it comes to media planning and buying, Ruth is our pro. Not only is she a wiz with a spreadsheet (seriously, she continually impresses us with her spreadsheet poweress), but she also combines strategy and a bird’s-eye view when maximizing a client’s media mix.

Q: What is the fist thing you look at when planning media for a client?
A: Of course budget, but as an agency we like to plan around a client’s goals; their issues and objectives, and audiences.

Q: With so many media options today in the digital space, where do you start?
A: We love finding the best medium for the client’s key messages, whether that is an international online media mix, a television sponsorship opportunity, a custom app, outdoor media or something statewide or regional. We also specialize in helping clients with earned media. We like to find the best way to use a client’s available resources.

Q:  How do you measure a media plan’s results?
A: Measurement and evaluation are important to us at Nye & Associates. We utilize what we call a Marketing Activities Calendar that is a timetable/calendar/budget hybrid that helps our teams and the client stay in touch and track, record and evaluate communications and monetary elements through all stages of a media plan.

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