Thursday, October 2, 2014

Creating A Brand Positioning Statement

When we work with clients on branding current brands or who are introducing new brands, we often start with a Brand Positioning Statement.

Here's how we work through this branding process, with Nye & Associates as an example:

Nye & Associates
Smarter Marketing™

Brand Positioning Statement


We are a family like team of people dedicated to the success of our clients. We are the right size, and have the experience to provide personal attention to the creative and effective development of our client’s marketing plans.
A long-time, client-focused advertising, marketing, public relations, branding and digital full-service agency.

In Wichita, Kansas, and the world.

For nearly 40 years!


We provide strategic marketing services, based on Smarter Marketing™, to help our clients grow. We enjoy also working where we can grow and learn in a team-oriented environment. Working with people you like and care about helps make work and the results meaningful.

Smarter Marketing™ is Nye & Associate’s approach and methodology for developing and executing strategic marketing plans for our clients. It’s based on our Vision-Objectives-Action process, where we develop clear goals for marketing efforts and targeted actions to accomplish each of those goals.

To help make a Brand Positioning Statement work for you, call us at 316-263-5878 or email us.