Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Mural at Nye & Associates

When the Douglas Design District expanded its area to Kellogg, we were happy to join to support our local design community. With this in mind, we deiced to act on a long-time idea of creating our own artistic mural to add to the neighborhood.

The mural was designed and painted by our CEO, and artist-in-residence, Ruth Johnson. “I wanted the building to reflect the kind of creative, high-energy work our agency does and to represent us and our industry,” Ruth said. Ruth was inspired by geometric style of Piet Mondrian, the influential Dutch painter.

We invite you to come take a photo of our building and add it to your list of Downtown Wichita Murals!


The N&A Building
 We get lots of comments on the interesting structure of the Nye & Associates building.

The Outside
Originally, the Nye & Associates building was owned by a housing contractor, who built the rhomboid shaped-structure with leftover materials from his various building projects.

The building’s unique shape came about by trying to maximize usable space on the long, rectangular lot. And, they needed parking spaces and this shape was the best way to get it.

The building uses many types of materials, such as leftover wood used for inside walls and cement blocks for outside walls.

The Inside

Based on the blocky outside structure, N&A interior decorators play up a Cubism theme on the inside, utilizing cylinders, spheres, and cones in the decorating scheme, with bright, energizing colors.

Stop by anytime for a dose of design N&A style.