Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Video Shoot Day 2 - Break Time

The N&A team and our client say break time during our second day on location. Things are going well - lucky enough to have some shade, expecting 107 degrees today, but spirits are high. Everyone is very excited about the progress we have made and we are excited to get to editing!

Video Shoot Day 2

Nothing like picking record-breaking hot days for all-day outside video shoots! Here we are setting up for the first shot of day in some perfect morning sunlight and prepping for the next round of shots.

Video Shoot

It's always fun, and exciting to develop videos for our clients. We're on location for two days this week developing a series of videos for an awesome client! The videos will be used on the company's website, in point of purchase displays, on YouTube and in many other places. It's all part of the overall strategy N&A helped develop for this national brand. Good stuff!

Are you in need of assistance with video development? Whether it's for use on the Internet, TV or another platform - N&A can help. Give us a call - 316.263.5878 - and let's ham it up a bit!