Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Need help launching a new product? We can help.

Golf Essentials, LLC, of Wichita, Kansas, recently developed a revolutionary new product for golfers called SandyCaddy.™

Although simple in design and concept, SandCaddy™ will make a huge impact within the golf community. Walking and riding golfers can now add sand to divots from irons simply and quickly, promoting faster grass growth.

Golf Essentials tapped Nye & Associates to help develop all the components necessary for a successful new product launch, including consumer goods packaging, logo, an e-commerce website, displays and promotional sales sheets.

Nye & Associates was instrumental in the new product being awarded Best New Product of the Year at the 2011 PGA Show. Nye & Associates, Inc., is currently working with Golf Essentials to develop comprehensive strategic marketing plans geared toward driving consumer and dealer sales.

“Nye & Associates helped us put this entire product launch program together in less than three weeks. We had to be at the PGA Show and Nye made it happen. In fact, we won new product of the year, thanks in a large part to the package, literature and website design they created for us.”

– Mike Allen, Partner, Golf Essentials

If you have an idea for a new product or are ready to go to market, call us (316.263.5878) and we'll help you get the results you want.

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