Thursday, March 17, 2011

Becoming a proactive business 101

Today we live in a highly competitive world where setting your business apart from the crowd is even more important. Often companies lose sight of the competitive advantage that is gained from being proactive.

We’re talking about keeping your company’s look and interaction with your clients current.
Here are a few questions every business should consider:

• When was your last headshot taken and what does it say about you?
• How old is your website and is all of the information current?
• Is your business social?
• How old is your printed literature?
• How’s your photography look?

Your headshot
I know why in the world did we really go here? The truth is, customers want to relate to who they are working with even more than in years past. Having a natural and relatable headshot can be a foot in the door. Who really wants to work with someone who has a cold frowny face? If we are totally honest, relatable CEOs and staff pictures help.

Your website
How recently has it been updated? Websites are dynamic tools and it’s important to keep them looking fresh and current.

Your sociability
Are you social? Have you thought about using social media for your business? Being online is a great way to stay connected to your audiences, wherever they may be.

Your printed literature
Annually auditing your current literature is key to keeping your company current. If your company reaches a new certification, updates a logo or adds a new product and you haven’t updated it in your literature, then you might be sending mixed messages to your customers. Another way to look at it is from the view that styles change and if your literature hasn’t, you might end up looking out of date.

Your photography
Photography is one of the most overlooked items when it comes to marketing a company. Stock images are cool and cheap but what happens when another business starts using the same image in your market? Talk about mixed signals. Another thing to look at is the environment in your photos. Cell phones have gotten smaller, computers screen are no longer tube style and TVs are now flat. Good photography can give your business the competitive edge that sets it apart.

It can hurt making an honest assessment of your company, but with the help of an agency like Nye & Associates you can get headed in the right direction.

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Jeff Wendling
Art Director
Nye & Associates

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