Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Getting face-to-face with your audience

By Lee Clark, President, Nye & Associates

On this day in 1948 the original Land Rover debuted at an automotive trade show in Amsterdam. The Land Rover has changed considerably over the years. Trade shows, however, essentially remain the same.

While other forms of media and technology offer great avenues to help reach, educate and influence buyers, there is no greater value than that of a face-to-face conversation between manufacturer (or manufacturer rep) and buyer.

According to The Role of and Value of Face-to-Face Interaction, a 2012 CEIR (Center for Exhibition Industry Research ) study, 48 percent of trade show attendees said face-to-face interactions at exhibits during exhibitions, conventions and annual meetings are more valuable today than two years ago, and 43 percent anticipate this setting will be more valuable over the next two years.

While it’s clearly important to keep abreast of new marketing trends that could potentially impact your bottom line, let’s not forget about the original social network: face-to-face interaction. Nye & Associates supports our client's trade show efforts in a variety of innovative ways. To learn more, give us a shout.

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