Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is Nye & Associates Smarter Marketing?

  • An action plan we create for you, focused on your goals and based on well thought-out strategies.
  • An action plan that maximizes the efficiency and productivity of each part of your marketing program.
  • An action plan that can be effectively implemented and tracked.

Nye & Associates Values
In order to deliver Smarter Marketing, Nye & Associates believes in these values:

  • Strategically Focused

If it doesn't already exist, we help you create a specific Vision of Success, and the Marketing Objectives that will lead to this success. This is a critical first step in the process of developing an effective marketing plan.

  • Appropriate Creative

We develop creative solutions that fit you, your organization's personality, and budget, as well as what’s needed to be competitive in the marketplace.

  • The Right Size

We are the right size to provide creative, timely and cost-effective marketing services. Our creative team brings the range of experience and talent needed to produce powerful marketing solutions.

  • Experience

Our unique approach to the marketing process, knowledge of effective marketing techniques and experience in a broad range of business environments combine to allow us to deliver effective marketing programs for you.

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